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I was born and raised in Japan. I grew up in Kamakura, one of the ancient capitals of Japan, situated on the Pacific Ocean south of Tokyo and surrounded by the natural beauty of the Kanto region. 

My hometown is not only a historic place, but it is also a cultural mecca, becoming a popular destination for authors and artists since the 1800s. At home, I was always surrounded by art. Both my parents were engaged in some form of visual art. My father was a painter all his life, and my mother was first a fashion designer and later a potter. I grew up watching them expressing their artistic sense through their creations. Being aware of your own artistic sensibility was part of my growing-up process. 

Following a long search for the perfect medium to express my artistic self, I came across glass art formed in a kiln, or “fused glass,” and quickly fell in love. I had finally discovered my medium, glass, in jewelry form — Wearable Glass Art. Over the course of the last 15 years, I got to know the wonderful and magical traits of glass more and more and am still ever so much in love with it.
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